We know we made an excellent decision when we hired the Boyenga Team to sell our home in Sunnyvale.

We didn’t find out about them from one of their close friends or relatives, or by someone we work with who knows them socially. We ended up listing with the Boyenga Team because our research led us to believe they’re pro’s who sell a lot of property in our area – and they are. 

All of the people we worked with on the Boyenga Team were extremely helpful and responsive, making sure nothing fell through the cracks. Eric and Janelle are both accomplished Realtors individually, but they have complementary skills that make them even stronger together.

They know the local market and it’s history, which is critical to properly setting the listing price and determining the selling strategy.

They know how to give a listing maximum exposure – not just to the public online, but also to all of the other Realtors who are working with prospective buyers. Their Realtors open house was extremely well attended, and not just for the free food.

They know the whole complex process and paper work really well, because they sell a lot of property, every year, year after year.

They have an extended team of service providers who can help with anything that needs to be done with your home before you go on the market, do it well, and do it on short notice. 

We’re really glad that we didn’t waste our time and money on amateurs when it didn’t cost any more to work with professionals, and we got great results.

Thank You Eric and Janelle!...

- J. Erickson

We called the Boyenga team after seeing that they had a lot of sales in the area but had no idea what to expect from them. We didn't know if they would be just a nice team, pushy or just good at sales but after an initial phone conversation, we scheduled a meeting and were so glad we did. The Boyengas aren't just good at what they do, they are GREAT at what they do. Real estate in the 21st century and in the Bay Area is a different kind of ball game. They know how to work in this market and they work very hard. Their team is polished, punctual and extremely organized. They worked with us to make our selling experience superior. Yes, it was that exceptional. We sold our house with great ease and they walked us through every detail. 

There were so many reasons why they were excellent, but one thing we felt they were experts on, was knowing how to sell our house in the Bay Area that is filled with tech savvy people. If you want to know what they do exactly, call them if you're even just starting to think about selling your home. You would know the difference if you had ever interviewed or used another realtor. We interviewed many sales teams but their team stood out clearly above the rest. Through the entire selling process until even after close, we loved working with them and their whole team. We don't often take the time to write reviews unless it's something that is outstanding. There are people that do their job and do it well - and that's something that should be expected - but the Boyenga team is clearly above those standards. It was a pleasure to do business with them!...

- E. Redden

Janelle & Eric are a real estate dream team. Why list with an individual realtor when you can have an entire team helping you? Janelle & Eric laid out a plan to sell our Sunnyvale home complete with a timeline with specific dates for each required activity. The plan ended with a date for an Open House, then a date when we would receive offers for our home. Their plan was executed flawlessly - we received multiple offers for our home (on the exact date they outlined 5 weeks earlier), and broke a record price for our neighborhood (yes, they predicted this too). Professional, diligent, responsive, passionate and knowledgeable are words that come to mind to describe them. I would strongly recommend Janelle and Eric (and the rest of the Boyenga Team) to anyone looking to buy or sell a home....

- C. Cotton

An interesting thing happened at our office meeting on Tuesday.  When I asked the agents who would THEY USE to sell their OWN HOME if they couldn’t use themselves or another CB agent, many of them answered YOU!  Your reputation and professionalism proceeds you.  Words like, responsive, intelligent and takes care of their clients came up.

You might ask why I did this little exercise?  Frankly good agents seem to be farther and fewer between these days.  And as I grow this already dynamic office in Saratoga, I am looking for agents who would compliment or add to our already stellar reputation.  If changing offices has crossed your mind, or wondering how could Coldwell Banker actually help you gain more market share, I’d love to sit down and discuss what we have to offer great agents such as yourself.  Coffee or perhaps lunch?  Even if at this time you are not considering a change, wouldn’t it be a good idea to at least meet as someday I’m sure one of our agents will be doing a deal with you. 

 I’ve always said that real estate is a relationship business, building our relationship could only strengthen both of our positions in this market place.  So, let me know when you have sometime in the next week or two and let’s get together.  Congratulations on your great reputation, I know you must have worked hard to earn it.  I think we can both agree, we need more agents like you in the business.

To your success,

Don Tornicasa  Manager Coldwell Banker Saratoga


- Don Tornicasa

… The Boyengas aren’t just good at technology … they consistently are one of the top 5 agents at Intero from a production standpoint and they’re #1 .. which I know you will appreciate … in support of our company culture and all of our core businesses.  Simply said, they’re great team players.



- Gino Blefari CEO Intero

We are incredibly lucky to have discovered Eric and Janelle several years ago. Their professionalism, attention to detail, expert guidance, and overall "can do" attitude made home buying and selling a great experience. We have sold two homes and bought two homes with this wonderful team, and every single transaction had the best possible outcome because we followed their keen advice. Eric and Janelle are incredibly successful for a reason...they provide the best service in town and have proven results. Buying or selling a home is a life-changing event and we are so fortunate to have discovered a real estate team who genuinely wants to help us find the best possible housing option. We would not be living in the beautiful neighborhood and home we have now if it weren't for them. Thank you Eric and Janelle!...

- marcieshap

I hired Eric and Janelle Boyenga to help purchase my house in Mountain View last year, a decision that has literally change my life. Not only do I now get to wake up in a beautiful house that satisfy every one of my needs (nice neighborhood, great school district, close to work), knowing that my home value has at least jumped 15% in 1 year alone has constantly put smile on my face. I know that in such a hot market, NONE OF THESE COULD BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE BOYENGA TEAM. From the very first time when I met Eric, until the moment that Paula, their assistant, informed me on the phone that my offer was accepted, the Boyenga team had done everything they could to make sure I was financially qualified to purchase the house, psychologically prepared for the bid and physically comfortable with the new place!

Special note on Janelle since I see different opinions on her from other viewers. Based on my experience of having her as my buyer agent, Janelle is a direct communicator and fast thinker who always tries to present the reality of the current market in a straight forward way, even if her analysis might not be what you want to hear. Plus, having Janelle on your side means having a strong negotiator who is willing and capable of fighting for you in some of most competitive markets!

Eric, on the other hand, had really impressed me with his detailed marketing analysis and unique strategies to present me as what he called a "whole package" to the seller. I guess the final result speaks louder than anything else: The Boyenga team helped me, a first time home buyer, win the house with my very first bid....

- K. Klingman

"A TEAM TO SELL YOUR HOUSE! When we decided to put our house on the market, a co-worker recommended Eric & Janelle. I immediately felt confident about their knowledge and advice regarding the present market conditions. They also were familiar with our area/neighborhood, and guided us through decisions on pricing, terms, and finally, the right offer. We were not only pleased with the selling price, but the Boyengas found a new home for us!"...

- A. Chen

Janelle and Eric helped us to purchase our first home 9 years ago. We were very particular about what we were looking for. Janelle and Eric knew the area very well and helped steer us towards purchasing the right home for us....

- H. Chau

My wife and I got a referral to the Boyenga Team through one of my co-workers.  We've been extremely happy working with them throughout the home buying process, and they both worked hard to find the kind of home we wanted.  Janelle and Eric also have enough combined experience that no issues phased them, and they've been working in the area long enough that they have contacts for anything you might need before or after buying a home.  They're simply the best!...

- David K.

We used Eric and Janelle to buy our house in San Jose. It was a year search for the "prefect" house. Most agents would have given up on us, but they were patient and gave use advice all along the way. Once we found the house, they helped us on every step of the way from negotiating the price and terms, to helping us get the right people to do some of the initial work we needed done to move into the house. I would definitely use them again the next time we buy a house or when we decide to sell a house....

- Chris J.

"NO MORE PUSHY REALTORS! Being new to the area and the local housing market we found that when we started to look at houses, every realtor acted like we were wasting their time and were "pushing" houses on us. Then a friend recommended Eric & Janelle. From the first time we met them, we knew we were in good hands. Eric and Janelle helped us along the way with their extensive knowledge about the housing market, financing and renovation. They turned house hunting and buying, into a fun and exciting experience. With them working for us we were able to find a perfect home, and an excellent investment. We can safely say that if it was not for Eric & Janelle we may have never bought. We will definitely use them in the future when it comes time to sell and/or buy." 

- J&T Carlson

"FOUND THE PERFECT HOUSE! I cannot imagine a better team for real estate guidance than Eric and Janelle. I had been referred to them by a friend who was very pleased with their work. From the moment we met, they shepherded me through the often tedious task of house-hunting. Their responsiveness to my requirements enabled me to find and purchase "the perfect house" .... and within my budget!"...

- R. Kumar

The Dream Team of Real Estate Eric and Janelle Boyenga are the best agents I've had the pleasure of working with. My husband and I were not the easiest of clients and made Eric and Janelle show us numerous properties before we made a decision. They were always patient and provided us with honest opinions based on their experience. It was so helpful to have both a woman and man's perspective during this process. Their warmth and professionalism gave us the confidence to know we were making the right decision with the house we chose. Thank you Boyenga Team!...

- Eva D.

"RESPONSE FROM REFERENCE CHECK! I can tell you that Eric and Janelle were the best thing that could have happened to us. We also live in a townhome and needed a good sale to move us into a home in the east bay. Other real estate agents we interviewed were very conservative and we just had the feeling they were going for the easiest "sell" as opposed to the best sell. Then we met Eric and Janelle. They didn't blink an eye when we told them what we were considering as our asking price-well ALMOST didn't blink an eye. We were really pushing the envelope. They were very honest and realistic with us but they were willing to go with it, and then went to work to make it happen. LISTEN to what they say-DO what they say, they will absolutely make the best sale happen. They were great at helping me stage our home, we really worked on it, and they were on top of the marketing as well. We had a huge response to our open house, totally due to them and how we had the house looking. They made that sale possible at that price because they believed it was worth it and that came across to every potential buyer also. They were worth every penny and more as they continued to help both us and the buyers through the sale to the closing of escrow. I really can't praise them enough, they were completely professional, energetic, personable and knowledgeable. They will be completely honest with you, for your own good, and I have every confidence they work with everyone as well as they did us." 

- The Collins Family

Janelle and Eric have been a great help to me over the years. Owning multiple rental properties in Mountain View, Palo Alto and Cupertino, they have always been responsive when I need a resource whether a handyman, roofer, etc. Also, they been very helpful on acquiring more rentals and have helped me with multiple sales and purchases that were 1031 exchanges and trusts. I would highly recommend the team if you are looking for professional representation....

- Netskia

These two prove that not all real estate agents are alike. A great agent works like they are buying or selling their own property, which is exactly how I felt when they helped me buy my latest home. I was buying a bank-owned home and they were able to negotiate a price even lower than I was prepared to pay! They worked harder than they needed to, and thats the sign of a great agent!...

- Todd M.

I worked with Eric and Janelle to buy my house in San Jose. They were hard-working, well-informed, and helpful in countless ways. The pointed me towards the perfect neighborhood, and eventually the perfect house. Without them, I am sure I would still be floundering, and most likely would have ended up in a less-than ideal situation. I will for sure use them to purchase my next home, as well as sell my existing home. Highly recommended!...

- Michael G.

Eric and Janelle were a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use their services again if the need arose.

Eric and Janelle helped us sell a home in Santa Clara and buy in Mountain View. On both the buying and selling side, we came prepared to act fast. I felt like my family and the Boyengas worked together as a well oiled machine. Eric, Janelle, and their team, managed all of the details of our transactions to completion in a professional, friendly way. 

They were always very responsive; I never felt like they were inaccessible. 

During the sale of our home, they kept the whole process on a timeline that Janelle outlined in one of our first meetings. I was very impressed with their ability to keep things moving at a quick pace. They delivered us a sale right away in a tough housing market.

When buying a home, Eric and Janelle were resourceful in gathering potential homes for us, despite our very specific criteria. When we found a great house in the area we wanted, they helped us approach the sellers with a buying strategy that got us the house, despite (many!) competing offers.

- I. Fuller

"GREAT FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS! As a first-time buyer, I had decided that a "fixer-upper" would be a good place to start. I began by going to open houses, just to look. Along the way I met Janelle & Eric, who impressed me with their knowledge about the processes involved in such an endeavor. They had personal experience rebuilding a house and were able to provide guidance on building codes, resources for actual work, and probable costs along the way. This helped me to map my financial capabilities, so I could stay within my budget. I plan to use them when the time comes to "move up"."...

- J. Silverman

Eric and Janelle are true professionals. I highly recommend them!! Thanks Boyenga Team. You guys are awesome....

- gregkoepf

I am Eric and Janelle's Professional Home Stager - they are wonderful to work with - excellent work ethics, efficient, exceptional communication with their clients as well as their co-workers (which benefits their clients when getting a home ready effectively)!  I love working with them side by side on their properties.  I recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home fast!  They know what it takes....

- Melanie T.


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